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Tim and Cheffrey makin' in work @blacksheepmke
I think we can all agree that tequila is an essential part of the creative process #margaritafriday #patron
Behold the result of our thorough In-House Testing: the Company B TGIF Margarita:
3 parts Patron Silver
1 part fresh squeezed lime
1 part Rose's like juice
1/2 part Patron L'Orange
Salted rim over the rocks

You're welcome.
Yep. It's Margarita o'clock.
Oh. Were you thinking this is what an iced coconut latte looks like? No. It's was heaven looks like. #we❤️ourclients @ellyspancakehouse
In a perfect world everyday would be #Derby day. Nick and Jeffery are still sporting their #BigAssHats
Kendra in the city. #cincodemayo #tequila
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