Jeffrey Raddatz

Vice President

If there’s one thing Jeffrey knows, it’s hotels. With a career spanning over a decade, he brings a wealth of knowledge of the inner-workings of hotels, large and small, to Company B. As our newly promoted Vice President, he provides insight to his clients from a first-hand perspective as a sales, marketing and revenue manager.

Jeffrey’s team-player attitude and dedication to his clients is apparent in everything he does. He’s been known to do everything and anything to assure the job gets done and the client is happy. His enthusiasm, creativity and problem-solving capabilities ensure Jeffrey takes clients to the next level.


In my free time: I love scoring first row tickets
to a great musical

The best part of working at Company B is: Margarita Fridays!

My favorite band/musician is: The one & only

Favorite quote: Forget regret or
life is yours to miss

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